June 2015

Why use an insurance broker?

25 Jun Why use an insurance broker?

Why use an insurance broker? For the peace-of-mind. That’s why. There is nothing worse than paying a premium for insurance, then, when you lodge a claim following an insured event, find that you get the runaround from the insurance company and, eventually, a settlement that leaves...

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Steadfast Taswide

25 Jun Pay your business insurances by the month

Cash flow is the key to survival of any business. Without sufficient cash flow it becomes very difficult for even the most profitable business to avoid financial disaster, or at the very least achieve its true potential. When economic times are challenging, business leaders should be...

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Cyber-crime: A growing menace

25 Jun Cyber-crime: A growing menace

The reality is that all companies, large or small are targets for cyber criminals. Unfortunately many businesses operate under the belief that their existing insurance policies are enough to cover their data security and privacy exposures. This is not the case. Australian insurance companies however are...

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