Why use an insurance broker?

Why use an insurance broker?

Why use an insurance broker?

Why use an insurance broker? For the peace-of-mind. That’s why.

There is nothing worse than paying a premium for insurance, then, when you lodge a claim following an insured event, find that you get the runaround from the insurance company and, eventually, a settlement that leaves you well out of pocket.

Buying your business and many personal insurances through a qualified insurance broker has many advantages:

A broker will act on your behalf and provide you with personal advice based on your particular circumstances.

A broker will offer guidance in the selection of your policies.

A broker offers a wider choice from multiple insurers, scheme benefits and discounts as well as expert advice on levels and types of cover that are required.

A broker will provide sum insured calculations, periods of indemnity recommendations and, depending on the size of your asset portfolio, refer you to other specialist services providers such as risk managers, valuers, contractual and legal advisers and even HR specialists.

A broker will stand by you and represent your interests when the time comes to make a claim.

This broker, whose website you are now reviewing, will do all this and more for you. Call us or send an online enquiry to arrange an obligation-free review well before your renewals are due.

You have nothing to lose but stress and sleepless nights.